Subramanian Swamy appreciates Israel for standing up strong during controversy

We all are aware about the recent controversy held up by the BJP spokesperson that got all the attention.

The former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma publicly remarked on Prophet Muhammad which gained immense attention recently.

Although she is been removed from the ruling party because of her comment on Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslim countries protested against her comment.

Several Muslim people opposed on her comment. Many protesters have been protesting against Nupur Sharma amid controversy.

Also many countries have issued a statement to boycott India’s things, besides one Muslim country already returned the wheat exports.

However, today Subramanian Swamy praised Israel for standing strong along with India.

Israel is fully surrounded with Muslim countries but still they are supporting besides.

Subramanian Swamy tweeted, ‘Let Hindu phobia affected fanatics from Syria to Indonesia, a 1000 years ago there was not one Islamic country. 

Today a tiny Jewish nation & a large Hindu country survive. It was not a peaceful transition but a brutal bloody one. 

But no more! Hindus and Jews have stood up.’.