Sri Lanka Prime Minister, Rajapaksa resigns from his Post

The Sri Lankan Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa extended his resignation to nations President Gotabaya on Monday. The protest in the nation was very aggressive and it was difficult for the authorities to handle and that is why a curfew has been imposed nationwide.

The island nation Sri Lanka gained its independence in the year 1948 from Britain and currently, whatever disputes are taking place is because the nation is facing its worst economic crisis since its independence.

The lives of the people are in danger because the rates of whichever products you see in the market are touching the sky. All thanks to COVID for unbalancing the economic status.

Due to this, there is a huge protest going on between supporters of the PM and the anti-government people.

Many people lost their lives along with a ruling party’s MP and around 200 people were injured in this turmoil in the capital.

The anti-government protesters just won half the battle by seeing the PM resign from his Post. The root point is to make the President quit his post but he shows no signals for such actions.