Mahindra Group to add Agnipath Scheme trained young people, says Anand Mahindra

Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra announced that they’ll hire young people trained under this scheme on monday during the ongoing fiasco took place recently announced Agnipath military recruitment scheme by the centre

‘The Mahindra Group welcomes the opportunity to recruit such trained, capable young people’, in the tweet, Mahindra Group announced.

However, his announcement showed up when the scheme triggered anger and resulted protests nationwide amongst people over the last three days.

Additionally, he mentioned that he was pained to see violence around the Agnipath program, ‘When the scheme was mooted last year I stated-& I repeat-the discipline & skills Agniveers gain will make them eminently employable’.

What is Agnipath Scheme ?

The Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced Agnipath Scheme on 14th June. The scheme would add 46,000 soldiers to the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Initially, the Agnipath Scheme was announced in a media briefing after Cabinet committee’s approval.

It claimed that the entry would be completed for a period of 4 years in the scheme.

Additionally, the recruits will be trained by armed forces for all required skills.

Whereas, the people hired during the scheme will be called ‘Agniveers’.

Which post will Mahindra Group provide to ‘Agniveers’?

Many people appreciated Mahindra’ Group’s initiative for Agniveers but many questions were raised at the same time.

The most commonly asked question was, what posts will Agniveers have?

Anand Mahindra answered that, ‘Large potential for employment of Agniveers in the Corporate Sector.’

‘I repeat-the discipline & skills Agniveers gain will make them eminently employable’ he added.