IPS officer RB Sreekumar gets arrested, Nambi Narayan expresses his happiness

On Saturday, the Gujarat police arrested the former IPS officer RB Sreekumar for providing false informations about 2002 Gujrat Riot case.

Besides which, Nambi Narayan expressed his satisfaction after he came to know about the police officer’s arrest.

The former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan was charged with espionage case by RB Sreekumar back in 1994. However, Nambi Narayan suffered for 24 years but it was later revealed that it was a fake ISRO spy case.

According to the former ISRO scientist, RB Sreekumar fabricated the stories and tried to sensationalise them. ‘It is exactly what he did in my case back in 1994’, Narayan added.

But now, the former IPS officer is been arrested on Saturday 25th June, after the supreme court upheld the clean chit on 24th June, given to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Gujarat in 2002 Gujrat Riot.

Additionally, Nambi Narayan expressed his happiness saying, ‘I am very happy to know that he is being arrested because there is a limit for everything’, in a phone interview with ANI.

Narayanan said that the former officer was ‘crossing all limits of decency’.

He also accused RB Sreekumar for making false statements during his case, ‘I personally feel whatever he is charged with is applicable to my case also. One day he will say that I am corrupt. It has nothing to do with the case, it is closed.’

‘But again he will say, he will bring someone else to say this. This is what he has kept on doing. Now I hope that he will stop doing that. He should also be punished for that’, he added.