How to report cyber crime in India

The National Cyber Crime Portal portal is divided into two sections: one for reporting crimes against women and children, and another for reporting general cybercrime, such as phishing, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks.

Victims of cyber-attacks and cybercrime can use the tool to file anonymous reports or provide information so that the case can be tracked online.

Authorities are also concerned that victims of online sexual and non-sexual abuse, such as harassment, may not report their crimes to the authorities.

Step 1: Go to

Step2: Click on report women/ child crime / other cyber crime

Step3:  Click on File a Complaint

STEP 4: Read the conditions and accept them.

STEP 5: Register your mobile number and fill in your name and State.

STEP 6: Fill in the relevant details about the offence.

Concerning email-related complaints

Explain the incident in the explanation box and include a screenshot of the alleged email or a copy of the alleged email. Avoid forwarding this email; it should come from the original recipient. If there is one, it must have one.

Prepare a hard and soft copy, and share the soft copy only via CD-R.

Concerning social media complaints

Take a screenshot of the alleged content’s page, media, or profile, as well as the URL. Keep both hard and soft copies.For mobile application complaints

For data theft

Include a copy of the stolen data, a copyright certificate for the data that was stolen, and, if available, information about the suspected individuals who must have stolen the data.

When a company suspects an employee, the following information must be provided: their appointment letter, a list of duties assigned to the individual, a list of clients with whom the individual has been in contact, used devices of the suspect connected with the company, proof that they have stolen and sold the data to any other client, gadgets assigned to the individual or employee, and a non-disclosure agreement.