Assam news channel hacked, Filed a complaint with Guwahati Police

The live broadcast of popular news channel in Assam was replaced with Pakistan flag images and a anthem for Prophet Muhammad with trickers reading ‘Respect Holy Prophet’.

This hacking was a cyber attack linked with BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s controversial comment on Prophet Muhammad.

A Pakistani hacking group named ‘Revolution PK’ is found accused for cyberattack on the YouTube channel of Time8.

Time8 is a digital news agency based on Assam with over 7 million followers on their various social media platforms.

The digital news company gains 600 million views average monthly.

However, on June 9, Time8’s live streaming was interrupted during breaking news.

The founder and managing editor of Time8 digital news company Mr Utpal Kanta commented, ‘The self-claimed Pakistani hacker group, Revolution PK, briefly hacked Time8 YouTube channel during the live stream and replaced the news broadcast with the Pakistani flag and ran ‘Respect Holy Prophet’ tickers.

This is an act of cyberterrorism, and we condemn the incident in the strongest words and also express our concern over the matter, which relates to national security,” he added.

“It was found that hackers not only intended to illegally express their religious views on the channel but also intended to defame the channel and India as they leaked the hacked part of videos on Twitter and Facebook and Pakistani Twitter users expressed their joy by tweeting in favour of Revolution PK and lauding them for hacking our channel TIME8,” Mr Kanta said.

Time8 informed that the network has filed a complaint with the Guwahati Police and it is been investigated.

However, the former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma was removed from the leading party and Naveen Kumar Jindal was expelled by the BJP party for their comment on Prophet Mohammad.

Their words triggered a lot of Muslim Countries and people.

Several attacks and protests were have taken place in numerous cities in India against their remark.



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