Another Hate killing in Amravati for supporting Nupur Sharma

In Amravati district of Maharashtra, a chemist is murdered after he shared a post for supporting Nupur Sharma.

However, Last month, the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma made a controversial comment on Prophet Muhammad which got huge attention. Her comments have affected sentiments of Muslims.

Many muslim people strongly opposed on her comments and asked to apologise. Even other muslim countries were hurt because of Nupur’s comment on Prophet Muhammad.

Additionally, few days back, Kanhaiya Lal was murdered in full day light in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

He was a tailor who also supported Nupur Sharma and shared a post in her support. That became the cause of his death.

Now, a 54 year old Umesh Kolhe is stabbed to death after he shared a social media post in Nupur Sharma’s support.

Although, the incident took place a week before Kanhaiyalal murder case, i.e. on June 21. Currently, Amravati police is investigating this murder case.

‘So far six persons have been arrested,’ says Amravati Police Commissioner Dr Arti Singh.

It is a developing story. Hence more details are awaited.