Here’s how to keep your Gmail account’s protected from malicious attacks

Gmail users across the world amounts to about 1.82 billion people which makes up about 20% of email users. Thus, Gmail is another platform for malicious threat actors. Gmail sees transaction and sharing of different forms of data, thus making it a treasure trove for threat actors. This makes it very important for a user to keep their account properly checked in terms of security. Here’s how to stop threat actors from compromising our Google account and consequently from gaining access to our Gmail.  

Give utmost importance to login credentials and two-step verification.

  1. Creation of a unique and strong password is the first step is the first step. A password manager should be considered as a friend, both in the creation of a password and while using it. 
  2. You should enable two-step verification for your Google account. Since last year, google made sure to set up a “default to enable” program so that users are prompted for the two-step verification. 

Out of the many options in two-step verification that Google provides, the Google prompt to a different device than the one being used is the most convenient. Additionally an authentication should also be used that can make notes of our backup codes in case of failures. Google Authenticator or Authy are good authentication app options. 

The most convenient way of secondary verification is using the security key. Google offers its own brand of Security Key and YubiKey is another option.