Will PlayboxTV get a best curated deal from sharks?

PlayboxTV is facilitating a single roof for all your entertainment needs. At Rs. 399/- per month, users can enjoy their favourite OTTs along with their regular cable – all with just one subscription on just one app.

Mumbai-based PlayboxTV is a leading OTT aggregator, already serving 10,000 pin codes all across the country. ISPs and MSOs across these pin codes are using PlayboxTV as a value-added service, helping them to reduce their churn and maintain their user base consistently.

Sandeep Donde, Founder and MD of Microscan Infocommtech, a leading ISP serving Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra, commented, “The PlayboxTV platform is helping us as an ISP to reduce churn and increase our broadband user base by 25%. It is an extremely potent tool in keeping business smooth-sailing.”

Playbox TV enters shark tank India and ask for 1cr for 3.5% equity. Will sharks think about finalizing a deal with the founders Soham Donde and Aamir Mulani.