Will ‘PDD Falcon’s’ goodness attract the sharks?

PDD Falcon is a fully environment-friendly stainless steel product. This company makes different types of containers, tiffin boxes, bottles, etc. The founder says that their product is completely different from other stainless steel products and it is also BPA-free. So far, he has made more than 300 stainless steel products. PDD FALCON brings to you a replacement stainless steel tumbler with Straw instead of plastic Sipper glass, comes with attractive Color BPA Free lid. Stainless steel is lauded for its durability and is also one of the safest materials used in the kitchen. The wide mouth design allows you to easily clean them efficiently to maintain hygiene. Airtight, leak-proof, Long-lasting and durable. Their products are available on all e-commerce platforms and social media platforms too.

They enter shark tank India and ask for 75 lakhs for 3% equity. Shark Peyush Bansal suggest them to bring coolness factor in the brand to make it bigger. Shark Gazal Pandey offers 75 lakhs for 11% equity. Will PDD FALCON accept the offer or any other shark will offer them a better deal? To find out watch today’s episode at 9 PM on Sony TV.