Why does Hunter Moor “back off” from the Netflix documentary series The Most Hated Man on the Internet?

Hunter Moor claimed on Twitter that the Netflix documentary “The Most Hated Man on the Internet,” which is based on his life story shows only a part of the whole truth. He said on Twitter, “A lot of you has been asking why didn’t I tell my side of the story on Netflix documentary, well at first we all had agreed about the terms and all but at the end they wouldn’t let me tell my side of the story, basically I had to say what they wanted me to say, so I back off.”

Hunter Moor who is a convicted criminal from Sacramento, California, founded a website named Is Anyone Up? in 2010. The website was a revenge porn site where users were allowed to post sexual, nude, and explicit pictures of anyone without their consent. But after some time users not only provided pictures or videos but also the victim’s personal information such as names and addresses. The founder of the site even refused to take down pictures or videos upon request. He would often pay hackers to break into victims’ personal mail or devices to collect explicit images or personal data. Hunter Moor the sole founder of the site even called himself a “professional life ruined.”

The FBI initiated an investigation in 2012 and the site was completely closed down in April of 2012. However, in 2015 Moor pleaded guilty to the felony charges of identity theft, aiding, and abetting the unauthorized access to the victim’s devices. He was then sentenced to two years and six months of prison time and a fine of $2,000.

The Netflix series named The Most Hated Man on the Internet is named after Rolling Stone’s tag of Moor. It is a three-part series and is produced by the people of The Tiner Swindler. The Netflix documentary series reveals the activity of the websites and how it was brought to the attention of the legal authorities by its victims. However, Moor claimed that the directors of the series has approached him to give him a chance to show his side of the story. But the directors choose to focus on Charlotte Laws instead who fought to bring down Moor’s website.

As the story changed its path Hunter Moor revealed on his Twitter account that there are always two sides to the story and called the Netflix documentary a “BS.”