Who is this Mr. Beast that is trending in India? Lets find out

American YouTuber Mr. Beast is in India, most likely for collaboration and the gaming community certainly cannot keep their lips shut.

Jimmy Donaldson (his real name) has been credited with pioneering a whole lot of genres of YouTube videos that center on expensive stunts. Moreover, his channel is the fifth most subscribed in the whole of YouTube.

Also, his version of Squid Game, which he dropped on YouTube, not only broke several records at the time it was posted but was also viewed by over 3 million South Korean people alone.

However, the YouTube sensation is willing to collaborate with an Indian content creator at the moment. If that isn’t already exciting news for his fans and the gaming community, Mr. Beast is currently on his first trip to India, something he shared on his personal Instagram story as well.

Furthermore, an American artist in the past has given away an island worth Rs. 5 crores, bought all cars in a dealership, tipped waiters and random people thousands of dollars, adopted all dogs at a shelter, opened a free bank for strangers, purchased expensive billboards to support PewDiePie in sub war against T-Series.

Mr. Beast began posting videos to YouTube when he was barely a teenager, and years later he was still grinding his way towards a million subscribers. Then, a viral video launched him into the market and since then he has never looked back.

Like once, he posted a video of counting to 1,00,000, which took 40 hours of his time, then trying to break a glass using a hundred megaphones, attempting to stay underwater for 24 hours, and watching paint dry till 1 hour. All of this is some of the work for which he is famous.





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