Where to watch real – life crime movies

Everyday, many crimes are happening in the world around us. Nowadays, news channels, newspaper are mostly filled with such stories.

And therefore to make people alert, movies are getting inspired by crime stories.

Many Bollywood and Hollywood movies have been made on real – life crimes happening in the world. The most terrifying attack happened on Taj Hotel, Mumbai 2008 has made its way to big screens after the attack – 26/11.

So to watch such real crime story movies, many apps and websites are available.

Apps like :

1) Netflix – Netflix is filled with many Bollywood and Hollywood new and old movies. So you can install Netflix, make your account, get your package selected and enjoy your movie time.

2) Amazon prime video – Prime video also needs a certain scheme package selected so that you can watch the movies (Bollywood/Hollywood) within the selected monthly or yearly period.

3)Zee 5 – Zee 5 also has access to movies and many online series which are also based on real life crime stories. Even this app needs to get paid before you start watching.

4)HBO Max – HBO Max is a stand alone streaming platform which shows trending movies, TV shows, and new max original content.

These are some of the trending and most frequent apps you can use to watch movies.