This Netflix Horror Series is Called a True Horror

Netflix has now released a new Neill Blomkamp anthology project, complete with the director’s distinct dystopian style and similarities to previous Netflix shows such as Love, Death, and Robots. Oats Studios, a 10-episode series that’s essentially a collection of experimental short films, is the newest addition. “Imagine post-apocalyptic planets and horrific scenarios,” according to the official Netflix summary.

Oats Studios is now available on Netflix.
Blomkamp’s work in District 9 wowed you, right? Then you’ll want to see this series from him now that it’s available on Netflix.

Even before Oats Studios began streaming on Netflix on October 1, some of the solo “episodes” were available on social media (such as the one you can check out at the bottom of this post). Blomkamp founded the independent Oats Studios company in 2017, with the intention of distributing the short films on YouTube and Steam.

This collection contains short videos ranging in length from five minutes to nearly half an hour.

Releases in October 2021

The new Oats Studios series is part of Netflix’s jam-packed month, which features a slew of new movies and episodes to watch. Locke & Key season 2, The Baby-Sitters Club season 2, and You season 3 are some of the other notable releases this month. Army of Thieves, a film, will be released on October 29th. People are excited to watch the prequel to Zack Snyder’s big movie Army of the Dead.

Meanwhile, what has been the most popular Netflix material this month? The top three shows and movies on the streaming service’s combined Top 10 list are all new releases. They include, at the top of the list, the South Korean series that everyone is talking about.