“The Last of Us” releases its first episode, second one to be out on 22nd of January

The Last of Us is a show based on a video game by the same name. Check this to know more about the show

THE LAST OF US, made its debut season in January 2023 and released its first episode on January 15 on HBO where the second one will be released on the 22nd of January. HBO, Home box office is an American premium television network.

The Last of us comes under the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann and produced by Greg Spence. The series is based on a 2013 video game by the same name, The last of us created by Naughty Dog.

The show stars Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. In India, the show is available to watch on Disney + Hotstar. With the release of its first episode, The show, THE LAST OF US is already the talk of the town.

Being an adaptation of a video game by the same name, this show sets itself in a Zombie wasteland. This show has actors and actresses who played the role in video games too. The video game had two parts: The last of us and The last of us: Part Two.

This show was announced in 2014 itself after the video game gained immense popularity but couldn’t take place due to the creative differences. The first episode of the show takes you through a rush of horror with 8 more episodes lined up on their way.

Pedro Pascal is playing the role of Joel and Bella Ramsey is playing the role of Ellie. The two characters, Joel and Ellie are set on a mission that could change everything. Episode one begins 20 years after the fungal outbreak that destroyed modern civilization. Stay tuned to see what happens as the season rolls by, the second episode on the 22nd of this month.



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