Spotify doesn’t want you to know of its hit show called Breaking Bread

Spotify’s podcast Breaking Bread is sweeping the top charts and yet the company doesn’t want you to know about it. Spotify launched a new podcast show to its list of Spotify Live that quickly become a massive success within a week reaching number one or two positions. The podcast Breaking Bread is being hosted by Jackie Oshry Weinreb and Claudia Oshry. Claudia Oshry is famous for her popular Instagram handle girlwithnojob which has more than 3 million followers.

According to a source, Breaking Bread is even competing in the charts against the famous The Joe Rogan Experience which is Spotify’s biggest podcast popular across the globe. Although both sisters Jackie Oshry Weinreb and Claudia Oshry have a controversial history.

According to reports, a tech platform Oath has canceled one of its millennial-oriented news shows “The Morning Breath” which was supposed to be hosted by the Oshry sisters. Oath’s CEO Tim Amstrong has praised both sisters for their sheer talent but yet their show was canceled in a surprising manner.

However, later it was reported that the Oshry sisters are daughters of American anti-Muslim, far-right political activist Pamela Geller. And the sisters also previously talked about anti-Muslim and racist sentiments on various social networking platforms which were later deleted. The Oshry sisters then launched a new independent podcast The Morning Toast which talks about pop culture much like Breaking Bread.

Reportedly, Spotify is aware of the fact and is trying not to comment on it due to the show’s popular fanbase. The company is trying to improve Spotify Live and the huge fanbase from these podcasts is the reason Spotify is taking careful actions.