‘Shaadi karke bhaaga saala,’ Karan Kundrra assaults Ritesh, ‘Tune saari ladkiyo ko dhoka diya hai,’ Rakhi Sawant retaliates

When Karan Kundrra and Rakhi Sawant's spouse Ritesh began making comments about their personal life, things grew heated.

Ritesh Sawant, Rakhi Sawant’s husband, appears to have developed enemies within the first few days of his tenure in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Ritesh referred to Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s friendship as “false” in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, and Rakhi agreed with her husband. However, situations between Karan and Ritesh became tense when they began making jokes about each other’s personal affairs.

It all began when Neha Dhupia entered the home on a weekend to play a game with the other inmates. She instructed the housemates to give each other tags and explain why. Ritesh was dubbed ‘Kaayar (coward)’ 50% of the time and ‘dogla’ 100% of the time by Karan.

“Ritesh approached me with a predetermined mudda and pointed his finger at me. Who snuck out of his own wedding? He’s a kaayar to me if he values his investments more than his wife (coward). Ritesh was unfriendly and continued to make false accusations against me. “If you treat people with respect, they will treat you with respect,” Karan remarked.

Ritesh said that he was only talking about his game and not about his personal life when the two clashed, but Karan did comment on his personal life. “Haath neeche rakh (put down your hand),” Ritesh yelled as they began shouting and pointing fingers at each other. Things between the two became quite hot, and Umar Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal had to interfere to put a stop to it. But it was all for naught.

“Shaadi karke bhaaga saala, 3 saal baad aya (He ran away after his marriage and returned back three years later),” Karan raged at Ritesh. Rakhi joined in the debate, stating, “Tune saari ladkiyo ko dhoka diya hai.” Tu kya saath nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi nahi You have cheated on your women, tu bhagoda hai. Will you be loyal to anyone?

What exactly are you referring to? You’re a narcissist). Ritesh didn’t arrive for another two years because of my personal life.”

Karan’s previous romances and bitter breakups with Anusha Dandekar and Kritika Kamra were mentioned by Rakhi. “Karan, stop it,” Neha said as things began to spiral out of control. “Shut up and take a seat.”

Meanwhile, Abhijit Bichukale, Paras Chhabra, and Vishal Kotian are expected to be wild card contestants in the house. The station, however, has not confirmed anything.