Richa Chadha has disabled her Twitter account, claiming that it ‘takes too much and is poisonous.’

Unlike many other Bollywood stars, Richa Chadha has made her Twitter account private and even removed the app from her phone, claiming that it is “too poisonous.”

On Tuesday morning, Richa, who has 541.9K followers on the microblogging site, appeared to be locked.

The following was taken from the profile: “These tweets have been password-protected. @RichaChadha’s Tweets are only shown to authorized followers. To get access, click the “Follow” button.”

Richa stated on Twitter on Tuesday morning that she had uninstalled the microblogging software from her phone.

She expressed herself as follows: “I’m uninstalling this app from my phone. Toxic if consumed in excess. Bye.”

Richa, who is dating actor Ali Fazal, made the move after responding appropriately to a question.

The actress responded in Hindi, saying: “Sarvesh, forget about me; are you going insane because no one wants to marry you? In your situation, the dowry must have been requested by the girl. You don’t have a good appearance or brains, and you’re impoverished as well? Your mum must have moved to an earthen stove from an LPG burner.”

“Aunty, my best wishes. What kind of s**t-like devil have you unleashed upon the world? Only here can this jobless, pitiful guy dare to talk.”

Ali and Richa have been dating for quite some time. The couple had planned to marry last year, but the coronavirus epidemic forced them to postpone their plans.