Reports Claims that Austin Butler and Ezra Miller Did Not Get in Tokyo Bar Fight

As per the news floating around the internet, it claims that Austin Butler and Ezra Miller did not engage in physical conflict. The fictitious encounter appears to have started with a tweet from June 28 that claimed Butler had punched Miller during an argument at a Tokyo pub. Both the popular Twitter account Pop Crave and Instagram’s celebrity gossip guru Deuxmoi have shared similar stories.

Reports Claims that Austin Butler and Ezra Miller Did Not Get in Tokyo Bar Fight

According to a source, claims that Butler never visited a bar in the Japanese capital and that Elvis Presley didn’t run into Miller while Miller was marketing the movie there. Despite this, the article gained considerable popularity online, where it was liked and shared thousands of times by readers accustomed to Miller’s destructive path across the globe.
According to the sources, one of the women, who asked to remain anonymous out of respect for her privacy, has come forward to identify herself as the one who was put in a chokehold and forced to the ground by Miller in a widely shared video from 2020.

She claims that she enquired about scars on their foot from Miller, who uses they/them pronouns. The woman jokingly remarked that she “could handle” Miller in a fight when they retorted that they were “war scars.”

You truly want to fight, Miller allegedly responded. They hurried outside the pub to meet the woman after one of the woman’s friends attempted to diffuse the situation, which only made Miller furious.

Others in the Priki Kaffih’s tavern in Reykjavik, including then-bartender Carlos Reynir, confirmed Miller’s behavior. Reynir claimed that there was always a problem with Ezra. In Hawaii, Miller has been detained twice this year, the second time for throwing a chair at a woman. It’s all a part of a cycle of “jet-set abuse,” said Nadia, a woman who declined to give her last name.

The complaint is consistent with others made against Miller, who appears to be complaining about being called out for his aggressive and risky behavior by using the language of social justice.

A mother and her 12-year-old daughter were allegedly awarded a temporary harassment prevention order against Miller earlier this month, according to sources, following an altercation at a neighbor’s house in Greenfield, Massachusetts, which is roughly 40 miles from Miller’s ranch in Vermont.