Netflix seems to have found a new way to curb the loss by ‘Profile transfer’ feature

Recently in the June quarter of this year, Netflix lost more than a million customers all across the world. This was the biggest loss in the history of Netflix due to profile transfer. When it tried to find out the reason for such a major loss it was found that profile sharing, costly content, and new ideas for shows were among the main reasons for it. Something needed to be done and Netflix did it well for profile transfer.

Suppose you are watching your favorite show on it through a friend’s id and password. Now because you have used it for a long time your preference, history, and recommendation must have been there in your friend’s account. And as soon as you will start your own subscription it will take time to get tuned. But it’s an old-school thing now.

Recently it, through a blog post, informed its users all across the world that they would be able to transfer their history, recommendation, and references from their previous to a new account. This feature would be soon rolled out in the market.


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