Neena Gupta discusses about her jealousy of Shabana Azmi

Neena Gupta has been in the entertainment industry for nearly four decades. Her professional path is intriguing, and she has been cast in some excellent roles at this point in her career. Despite her four-decade career, she is only now receiving parts that are appropriate for her caliber and allow her to flourish and create a significant impact. Neena Gupta’s parents reportedly intended her to become an IAS officer. Destiny had other ideas, and Neena Gupta went on to become an actress who enchanted audiences for years. Neena Gupta resurfaced in the entertainment industry after an Instagram story in 2017 in which she marketed herself as a good actor looking for decent parts garnered a lot of attention.

Neena Gupta discusses about her jealousy of Shabana Azmi

Neena Gupta explains why Shabana Azmi made her jealous

Neena Gupta was extremely open about her previous fears in a recent conversation with Indian Express. She admitted that she used to be envious of Shabana Azmi since she reportedly got all of the interesting roles in television shows and films. It was common for her to be kicked out of projects she had signed up for, and this unethical behavior of producers and directors was disheartening and depressing.  She stated that she have grown a lot more reserved now that she is receiving fantastic roles to perform that not only match her skill but also give her ability to experiment and, more significantly, challenge herself.

Neena Gupta remarked that she is battling against herself alone. She finished by adding that she wants to execute her work competently and not harm anyone for self gain or to raise her grade.

Neena Guptas’s Upcoming Work

On the professional front, Neena Gupta will be seen with Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Biswapati Sarkar, and Chandan Roy in the season 2 of Amazon Prime’s hit series Panchayat. In addition, Neena Gupta will star with her daughter Masaba Gupta in the season 2 of Masaba Masaba, which will premiere on Netflix later this year. We congratulate Neena Gupta for her future work.