Lourdes Leon is the face of Kali Uchis’ newest Obsesión denim collection

Lourdes Leon, the hottest model right now, is joining Kali Uchis for the second release of her inclusive clothing line, Obsesión.

In the new advertising campaign, Uchis and Leon model the newest Obsesión apparel while posing together atop a vintage lowrider in the desert. After seeking to develop high-quality items that were created with the Latina body in mind, the “Telepatia” singer first debuted her independent, sustainable apparel business last fall.

Lourdes Leon is the face of Kali Uchis' newest Obsesión denim collection

“I love Lourdes’s sex appeal. I would get tagged a lot in her shoots because people felt we had a similar energy or a resemblance, and I thought, Wow we need to do something together,” Uchis tells BAZAAR.com. “I wanted to play off that twinning concept while still showing our individuality, [as well as] confidence, comfortability, [and the space] to have fun and be ourselves. Nothing beats two hot girls in a pink lowrider in my opinion.”

Uchis wanted to broaden the range for her most recent collection and experiment with different styles, such as curve-hugging shorts, loose fitting, wide-leg denim, and sometimes even baseball caps and bucket hats.

“Obsesión represents the person that isn’t afraid to stand out; they don’t fit in, and they embrace that instead of being ashamed of it or trying to change themselves,” Uchis explains before offering a few styling tips. “I love wearing the baggy pants with a thong or bikini, but oversized clothes could look good with them too. The other pieces, I think, always need to be worn with something that accentuates your figure, so I would go with babydoll or cropped tops.”

Obsesión highlights the fact that “all body types are beautiful” for Uchis, who made sure that her line went up to a size 20.

She says, “Everyone can have days where they want to show off. And no one should ever feel like they need to hide.”