Late Sidhu Mooselwala’s song on SYL sparks controversy with Haryana

Sidhu Moosewala’s first song after his demise has been on his official Youtube channel. The song contains a topic regarding the SYL Sutlej-Yamuna link proves his courage and radicalness.

Sutlej Yamuna Link’s abbreviated form is SYL which talks about Punjab’s dark history regarding ownership of the river water.  SYL is a 214-kilometer-long canal currently under construction and supposes to be a water reservoir for storing water for both Punjab and Hariyana. The canal was proposed to be constructed in 1982 as a means of transporting water from the neighboring state Haryana.

According to reports, there was an emergence of a dispute regarding sharing the water. In 1966 Punjab was reorganized and Haryana was created as a separate state. Haryana demanded the number of water shares which could lead to severe water scarcity in Punjab.

Sidhu Moosewala has talked about Balwinder Singh Jattana who has played a significant role in Sikh history for raging against the construction of the SYL canal.

The song has already reached 1 million views within just a few minutes of being posted and netizens are paying their respect irrespective of whether they are from Haryana or Punjab.