Kristin Cavallari opens up about her divorce with Jay Cutler

In an interview, Kristin Cavallari talks about her separation with Jay Cutler, saying that although it was a scary decision for her, but she also mentions that it was also the best decision she has ever taken. After spending 10 years together and being married for 7 years, the couple announced their separation in April 2020. They have three kids together: Saylor, six; Camden, nine; and Jaxon, seven.

Kristin Cavallari opens up about her divorce with Jay Cutler

This week, the reality show star gave one of her “most sensitive” interviews on The School of Greatness podcast. Cavallari explained to host Lewis Howes why she ended her relationship with Cutler. She further added that it was what she needed.

“Being in a relationship where I was really unhappy, that wasn’t going to work for me,” Cavallari told Howes. “I knew in my gut for a long time, but I had to do it and that was … the scariest thing that I’ve ever done is get a divorce.”

Cavallari continued by saying that her children’s success as well as the growth of her Uncommon James brand provided her the “courage” she required to file for the divorce.

Since her separation with Cutler, Cavallari has been associated with numerous of well-known people, including comedian Jeff Dye and also country singer Chase Rice.

She stated in the interview with Howes that she is presently “dating in a generic sense.” She gave no further details.

“I’m actually excited to see who I can be in a new relationship because I feel like I’ve done so much work the last few years,” she added, looking ahead. “I’m in no rush to be in a new relationship, but when I am, it will excite me to see how different I can be.”