Kanye West: I DO HAVE A PLAN FOR THE HOMELESS CRISIS IN L.A…. Meets with City Officials

Ye(Kanye West) is on a mission to assist Los Angeles’ homeless population, meeting with philanthropic organizations and devising tactics that he feels will help to alleviate the city’s rising problem.

As we’ve previously demonstrated… Last week, Kanye visited the L.A. Mission to drop off 1,000 meals, but it turns out he also took the time to meet with the leadership. During his interview with Reverend Troy Vaughn, CEO of the Los Angeles Mission, Ye is said to have spelled out four ways he believes he might help the homeless.

First and foremost, Kanye wants to devise a strategy for continuing to feed the homeless by forming partnerships with non-profits throughout the city. He also intends to use his businesses to help with education, employment, and housing.

Ye feels that by using his platform and Sunday Service to inspire and uplift the homeless people in Los Angeles, he will be able to do so in ways that his talent has not been able to achieve with others.

Finally, Kanye wants to collaborate with other organizations working to address the situation, combining their efforts with his abilities to offer a bold and forward-thinking vision for the future. He believes that by working together, they can end the homeless crisis.

As previously reported, Kanye addressed people in attendance at the mission, claiming that he believes God would reunite him and Kim Kardashian, therefore encouraging millions of couples.

Of course, the homeless population in Los Angeles has only risen since the outbreak, with policymakers and residents scrambling to find methods to assist those in need.

In Venice Beach, an unarmed response pilot programme was recently launched to assist law enforcement with calls, particularly those involving mental health.