Kanye West claims that God will bring ‘Kimye together’ and admits to making’mistakes’ during his marriage to Kim Kardashian

In the midst of Kim Kardashian’s rumored new romance with Pete Davidson, her estranged husband Kanye West is talking up about the mistakes he made during his marriage and hoping for a reunion. During a recent trip on Skid Row for a Thanksgiving event, West gave a speech in which he stated that he “needed to be back home.”

The rapper spoke about his marriage with Kim Kardashian during his remarks at the Los Angeles Mission’s Annual Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday. Kanye revealed to Kim that he wasn’t a good husband and had “publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband.” Although the actor expressed his desire to be redeemed in the relationship, he remained optimistic about reconciliation.

Kanye promised to work harder to rehabilitate his family and stated that he would take control of his story. In his statement, the rapper also stated that God will assist him in reuniting with Kim, adding, “If the enemy can separate Kimye, millions of families will believe that the separation is acceptable… However, when God brings Kimye together, millions of families will be encouraged to understand that they, too, can overcome the work of separation “, as reported by Page Six.

Meanwhile, Kim has been making news for her appearances with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. The couple was recently seen holding hands as they departed a dinner date in Santa Monica.