Kangana Ranaut Twitter account permanent suspension removed, get to know about her next movie

Users were surprised to see the revive of Actor Kangana Ranaut Twitter account almost after two years. Her Twitter account was permanently suspended in May 2021. In her first post after two years she wrote, “hello everyone, its nice to be back here”. Her account was suspended because of her controversial tweet related to the post election result violence in Bengal.


Basically in technical terms it can be said that her account was continuously violating Twitter policy on hateful conduct and abusive behaviour. As soon as she got her account back she posted about her movie Emergency in which she is playing role of former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi. The post revealed that filming of the movie is complete and it will be seen in cinemas on 20th October 2023. This movie is a biopic film directed by Kangana Ranaut and most probably this movie will be released on OTT platform. In the teaser of the movie the Kangana Ranaut playing the role of former PM late Indira Gandhi orders her secretary in bold and authoritative voice to convey her message to secretary of state that American President Richard Nixon can only address her in her office as “Sir” but not as mam. It would be no doubt a best biopic movie to watch as Kangana is no less bold in making comments and decisions that have almost let her to the brink of fall.



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