K-Pop Star Luna to make her debut on Broadway this fall

K-pop star Luna is set to make her debut on Broadway this year and starring a role in the musical set

Luna made her debut in 2009 with SM Entertainment’s f(x) girl group and In 2016 she started to embark on her solo musical career. she also worked in the Korean stage productions of In the Heights and Mamma Mia. In the Broadway show, Luna will be portraying MWE and the rest of the Production’s cast has yet to be announced.

On Wednesday Luna told the Press Conference,” Anyone who has followed my career knows that musical theatre has always been a passion of mine.” Further continued, ” Broadway represents the pinnacle of achievement in my profession, so being able to bring my culture – this Korean artform to the fans who flock here from all over the world to see a Broadway show is the honour of my life.”

Then she told that the audience who are not fans of K-pop will fall in love with it because of this show.

” For those of you who already know and love K-pop music, this show is going to remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. For those of you yet to discover K-pop get ready we are going to blow you away.”

Producers Tim Forbes and Joey Parnes announced that K-pop is scheduled to release the Preview of this show on October 13 and the official show will be opened on November 20 at the circle of square theatre in Newyork city.

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