If you are missing Ashneer Grover in Shark Tank season 2 read Ashneer’s Doglapan on Amazon

Shark Tank India season 2 has just started with the new face of the CEO and founder of Car Dekho in place of Ashneer Grover. Asher Grover’s life has already been like a roller coaster ride. Especially recently when he had to leave Bharat Pe because of allegations of fraudulent activities.

So he left the company and started his life from a new point. This led to his dismissal as judge from Shark Tank. So to replace him, the CEO and founder of Car Dekho came and took his place.

But viewers are missing him for his dialogue “ye sab doglapan hai” and want him to be back on the show. Though there is little chance of his comeback he has come up with his book.

The book named Doglapan has been launched and is authored by Ashneer Grover himself. This book is likely to bring his journey of business and tactics that led him to be the most successful businessman. This book is available for Rs 423 on Amazon and is published by Penguin publishing house. So who else is going to read Ashneer Grover Doglapan on Amazon?


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