‘I have not spoken anything against any faith or caste,’ Bharti Singh claims after her old video’mocking beard, moustache’ goes viral

Bharti Singh’s old video with Jasmin Bhasin went viral, putting her in hot water.
She can be seen in the video joking about the benefits of having a ‘daadi mooch’ (beard and moustache). According to the comic, drinking milk and putting beard in your mouth tastes like sewaiyan. She also mentions men who have lice in their beards.

The short video has gone viral, prompting many internet users, particularly in the Sikh community, to criticise Bharti for insulting their beard and moustache.


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Bharti responded to it in a fresh post today, stating that her goals were not to harm any community. She stated that she had received the viral video from several individuals and asked that no one misunderstand what she said.
According to Bharti, “A video alleging that I mocked ‘daadi mooch’ has been going viral for the past three to four days. I’ve watched the movie several times and encourage others to do so as well, as I’ve said nothing disparaging about any religion or caste. I didn’t make fun of any Punjabis or the troubles that arise from continuing to ‘daadi mooch.'”

She said, “I was doing stand-up comedy with a friend, but if I offended anyone, I apologise with folded hands. I am a Punjabi who was born in Amritsar and will always appreciate the Punjabi culture. I, too, am a proud Punjabi.”

Here are some of the tweets criticising the comedian for making fun of the Sikh and Punjabi communities.