HBO releases a small tease of The Last of Us series

HBO network has announced the tentative launch of its new series ‘The Last of Us’ in 2023. The series revolves around fiction, drama, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic genres. Produced by Carolyn Strauss, The Last of Us is a Television series.

The small tease for tingling excitement and curiosity

Today, the HBO network released a small tease of ‘The Last of Us’. Film platforms such as Discussing Film shared it on Twitter. Social media users are excited about the upcoming series. It is fascinating to witness the thrill and excitement amongst fans.

Plot, actors, and more to reveal

The series is based on a critically acclaimed video game. The series will also be telecast on HBO Max. The lead actors, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be playing Joel and Ellie respectively. Actors Nico Parker, Merle Dandridge, Troy Baker, Anna Trov, Brad Leland, Ashley Johnson, Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett, Nick Offerman, Lamar Johnson, Elaine Miles, Graham Greene, and Kevionn Woodard will also be a part of ‘The Last of Us’. Some of them will appear in undisclosed roles. The actors of the upcoming series have been creating suspense by posting online.

Release dates and the wait that ends soon

The enthralling series was released in early 2023. People hope that the full trailer of the series will be released at the end of 2022. It is believed that the series might be a more definitive one as compared to both the games. Will it make our jaws drop? Will it leave us mesmerized? Time will tell. Until then, watch the small tease and wait. The best is yet to come.


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