Good News for all BTS fans: The Group is back with a special teaser after a long break

This is not a drill, ARMY! We are terrified that it has returned. We’re talking about Run BTS, in case you haven’t heard. The group’s show has returned with a bang after a 10-month break.

Good News for all BTS fans: The Group is back with a special teaser after a long break

Before you get overly excited, the boys’ recent teaser suggests that this will be one exceptional episode, but even so, the anticipation is almost apparent. After all, we are discussing the adored Run BTS!

The boys can be seen having fun as usual as they discuss the return of the series on August 16 in an unexpected teaser that appears out of the blue. Here is a look at the little excerpt that became immediately popular on social media:

“We did some recharging and brought more fun back with us,” confessed Jin in the short little video. While we cannot speak for you, we can say that we are curious. You can watch it on Weverse, VLive, and YouTube premiering on Tuesday, August 16, if that answers your questions about when and how to do so.

Additionally, they had to introduce the show with a couple of their charming antics. The boys began singing Run BTS, a song from their previously released album Proof, as it was playing, even dropping a hint that it would be the start of their special episode. We can’t say that we would be shocked if it did.

In terms of the show, it has always revolved around having a bit of fun with each other before things take a competitive turn. The young men compete for a prize, occasionally even betraying one another. Run BTS has always been a complete laughing riot, from their silly activities to their punishments that will have you in splits!