Flying Beast Channel Exposed That A 26-Year-Old girl got scammed for 32 Lakhs

Flying Beast youtube channel which is run by a pilot named Gaurav Taneja has exposed a girl who got scammed. In his video, he shared the girl’s experience that she was scammed recently by guys who claimed they were from the UK.

In this video, the girl who is a victim is shown that she was duped by the guys who said that she is going to receive a package which weighs 25KG and in that bag, there is a currency attached to it which is around 40,000 pounds sterling.

The girl in the said video shared that she has spent all the money even his dad’s gratuity on this scam. She also shared the number in the video +447385301912 through which she was scammed. She said that she has lost a lot in this scam and doesn’t know how to get her money back. She then called the customs and the airport officials to ask about it. But they all said that you have been a victim of a scam and we never allow baggage with single money in it.

So in the end we just want to share this word with you that anything which is too good to be true is a scam. So beware and spread this message with your family and friends so that they don’t fall for this kind of scam. If you arent sure about something ask your friends and family members before making such huge step.