Finally Love is in the air between Russia and Ukraine, Read more

While Russia and Ukraine are still at war with one another, this touching tale of two people from these two nations shows once again that love knows no borders.

Recently, in Dharamshala, Uttarakhand, a man of Russian descent wed his Ukrainian partner. Not only that but the marriage was solemnised in accordance with Hindu tradition.

Here is all the information you require on the newlyweds. Love triumphs over conflict

Israel-born Sergie Novikov, a citizen of Russian descent, wed Elona Bramoka, his cherished Ukrainian lover, on August 2.

Since the beginning of their romance two years ago, the two have resided in Dharamkot village.

The two through all of the Hindu procedures associated with the wedding at a temple in the area. The wedding was conducted in true “desi” fashion. For the ceremony, the bride and groom both wore traditional wedding attire.

Novikov dressed in a kurta pyjama, pagdi, achkan, and sehra, while Bramoka wore a lehenga-choli with a red embroidered dupatta on top of it. The pair walked around the holy fire while taking the seven vows. They were given assistance from a translator in understanding the significance of each rite and mantra.

Locals attended the wedding. Vinod Sharma, who was quite happy to be a part of the wedding, hosted it.

The ceremonies were carried out by his family from beginning to conclusion. Even Bramoka’s kanyadan was performed.

The priest, Raman Sharma, gave the couple an explanation of Sanatan dharma and the value of marriage.

A local chef prepared Kangri Dham for the guests.