‘Donda’ album wins at the Billboard Music Awards

Kanye West is popularly known for his hip hop music till date has released his 10th studio album ‘Donda’ with GOOD Music on 29th August 2021 has received the best Christian album of the year at the Billboard Music Awards.

Kanye West and his career:

Kanye is an American singer, rapper, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. His hip hop music and raps has become his identity and he is also considered as one of the greatest musicians in his generation.

The musician is also on top with his entrepreneur skills. Yeezy is his company in collaboration with Adidas – German company of sportswear.

In mid 90s, he started his singing production career while creating beats for local artists around and his first official production credits were seen in ‘Down to earth’ album debut by Grav a Chicago rapper in 1996.

Till late 1990s, he was a famous rap song producer. Though he wanted to become a rapper – singer, somehow it didn’t happen until he met with a car accident in 2002. His jaw was twisted, and after being admitted for 2 weeks in hospital, he recorded his own song at Record plant studio though his jaw was still wired shut.

He named his song ‘Through the wire’ which expressed his condition in which he sang this song.

Kanye produced and sung many songs, albums which gained lots and tons of love and likes from his audience.

After great success to all his songs/albums he released his 10th studio album named ‘Donda’ which has received the award of best Christian album of the year and the artist (Kanye West) received the award of Best Gospel artist award.

On 27th January, 22 he announced his eleventh album ‘Donda 2’ which was released on February 13th, 2022.