Check out the review for “Surface” season 1, episode 8

This week’s chapter of the Apple original psychological thriller Surface brings the eight-episode miniseries to a close. As we have already mentioned, it seemed as though there were no more secrets to be divulged following the penultimate episode. As a result, we were “cautiously” interested to see what more surprises the developers might have in store. Let’s review the final scene and talk about how the show came to an end.

Check out the review for "Surface" season 1, episode 8

Season 1Episode 8 Recap

After Baden’s death three weeks ago, Sophie is still having trouble getting over her lover’s horrifying demise. James and Sophie will be questioned by the police on this suspicious death when they arrive. Only 5 hours prior to Baden’s death, James and Baden were seen arguing, and Sophie and the undercover cop have a very evident connection. James is shocked to hear her reveal that they were having an affair. The policeman tells Sophie in confidence that Baden may have been right after all, and he counsels her to retrace her ways. A witness who was on the ship at the time Sophie jumped has been talked to by him. The witness reported that Sophie appeared composed and appeared to be waiting for the ferry to arrive at a specific point before leaping.

Harrison is questioned by the police, which James questions him about. Harrison might have contributed to Baden’s demise in the same way that James has. It’s far too late for these inexperienced criminals. In the end, did they plan to kill Baden? Looks like a really good chance. Harrison gets into a disagreement with James, advising him to back off and that by interfering, things have only gotten worse. James refuses to interact with the sleazy businessman any longer despite Harrison’s assurances that he would make things right.

Sophie looks to be organizing her house at home. She donates pricey clothes items to charity and later, in therapy, she expresses her gratitude to Hannah for all that she has done to help Sophie progress. She exhibits a grateful yet unnervingly emotional demeanor during a celebration. It appears as though Sophie is bidding her farewells. She has one final passive-aggressive exchange with her adversary Harrison during which she expresses her true feelings towards James’ business partner. Harrison acts similarly. These two really don’t get along.

Sophie gathers her belongings and strolls out onto a foggy bridge. James learns that his wife is gone and assumed dead in a repeating series of events, and he returns home to find another letter waiting for him. The police further state that Sophie’s clothing and ID were discovered at the bridge. She claims in the letter that they killed a man together and that they are simply powerless to undo it. Jason finds it difficult to comprehend Sophie’s behavior because, to him, she seemed joyful and revitalized. Hannah, a therapist, speculates that this might have simply been a reaction to her desire to let go and an unburdening of her obligations. Everything feels familiar to us!

James spirals out of control as they argue and he accuses Harrison of causing the whole awful situation. As we expected, it becomes clear that Harrison was responsible for planning Baden’s demise. Because the undercover cop would have destroyed the business otherwise, he hired several men to kill Baden. James doesn’t want to interact with the man any further. James’ mental state causes Caroline to abandon her buddy and worry. She informs James that he can take care of himself and that she needs to move on. She made a cowardly decision by leaving a dear friend behind when he most needed her. However, she leaves James with a piece of knowledge that rekindles his aspirations.

The Conclusion

James was not aware of the repayment of the bulk of the loan when Caroline thanked him. He puts the puzzle together and concludes that Sophie must have paid. James inquires about Sophie’s account at the bank. However, according to the bank manager, it doesn’t exist. James breaks into Sophie’s iPad out of sheer desperation. Surprise! She’s left him a message. Her choice to stage her own demise is explained in the video. She passionately claims that James deserved this as retribution for his moral failings.

In the past, it was revealed that Sophie had found a self-storage unit key, which when used, unlocked a duffel bag inside. She discovered her Tess Caldwell passport, a cellphone, and wads of cash inside the bag. Eliza Huntley’s address information was provided over the phone. A bar in London is where she tracks down her old acquaintance, but she leaves without saying hello. When Eliza sees Sophie, she pursues her into the street and inquires as to her purpose.

One of those clumsy twist endings, it falls flat. The relationship between these two characters has very little initial emotional investment, and the show’s writers appear to be grasping at thin air in an attempt to secure a second season by hinting at some pointless mystery. It’s a nebulous and meaningless twist ending, and I have no idea how it will persuade Apple to continue the show.

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