Bollywood Singer Vishal Dadlani takes a neutral stand amid Muslim protests

Bollywood Singer Vishal Dadlani tweeted his point of view on the recent controversy held regarding Muslim protesters as a result of Nupur Sharma’s remark.

Recently, the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma remarked on Prophet Muhammad which disturbed the Muslim community across the world.

Many Muslim people objected to her remark and also protested against her.

Also, many Muslim countries protested against the same across the world.

Additionally, the ruling party already removed her from the BJP party and commented that the party do not appreciate disrespect for any religion in the country.

Moreover, today Bollywood singer Vishal Dadlani posted a note for Indian Muslims saying, ‘You are seen & heard, loved & treasured. Your pain is our pain.

Your patriotism is not in question, your identity is not a threat to India or to anyone else’s religion. We are one Nation, one family,’ on behalf of Indian Hindus.