Winner of Bigg Boss season 7 Gauhar Khan wants Abdu Rozik to be the winner of BB16

Gauhar Khan, the winner of Bigg Boss season 7, on 2nd October, tweeted about giving the trophy of Bigg Boss season 16 to the Tajikistan singer Abdu Rozik.

Abdu Rozik belongs to Gishdarva, Tajikistan, and is popular as the smallest singer in the world.

He is 3 Ft and 7 inches tall (1 meter, 100 cm). He entered the stage of Bigg Boss while singing the famous Bollywood song “papa kehte hain bada naam karega” from the picture Qayamt se Qayamt tak.

While entering the house of Bigg Boss, Abdu Rozik wore a silver shining tuxedo with black pants, a black bow tie, white shirt, and to complete his look with cuteness Abdu Rozik wore a small black hat on his head.

Abdu Rozik’s childhood and background –

Abdu Rozik suffered from a disease in his childhood known as rickets, due to his family’s poor condition he was unable to get treatment for this disease, and as a result of this disease, Abdu Rozik’s height was stopped in his childhood only.

He used to sing on the streets of Tajikistan, where he was spotted by Tajik blogger-rapper Baron (aka Behruz).

Baron liked Abdu’s singing and immediately asked his father if Abdu can make his career in singing, with his father’s permission Baron took Abdu to Dubai and supported him in his early days.

Interviews of Abdu Rozik
During an interview with HT Brunch Abdu Rozik said
“I was in school when I realised I was shorter than the other kids. They were nice to me initially, and I also looked so cute. But then my school mates started making fun of me, and I got really sad. In order to fight the bullies, I wanted to show that I was strong. So, I took up boxing” (source – Hindustan Times).

In another interview, he was questioned about his height affecting his confidence to which Abdu replied “Not really. I know a lot of people who have no job, no good family, and no money. I’ve had my fair share of struggles, too, but I am happy with where I’ve reached now. I shared the stage with the biggest composer in the world; what more do I want in my career? I’d like to inspire people who have a similar condition. I believe everyone is special in some way.” (Source – stars unfolded)

Abdu Rozik is so full of positivity, that when he was asked about being trolled in an interview he replied “I am not spared either. But see, all fingers are not the same. Just like that, we can’t expect everyone to be the same. I’ve reached a point where negative comments don’t affect me anymore.” (Source – Starsunfolded)


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