New rule in Bigg Boss, let’s find out?

The newly launched Bigg Boss 16 is seeming to live up to its theme ‘Game badlega kyunki BIGG BOSS khud khelega’. On the first day, Bigg Boss changed the morning routine which has remained sort of constant for the past 15 years.

Yes, you heard it right, Bigg Boss commanded the contestants to wake with an alarm and recite the show’s ‘anthem’. Moreover, another awkward move which comes up is it was announced that there will be a big twist in the first nomination of the season. This most important tradition of nominating housemates for eviction with a reason is set be revoked.

The contestants will be asked to nominate their fellow contestants without giving any reasons or explanations for the nomination. Each contestant has to carry out nominations by burning the picture of the nominee.

In fact, housemates Tina Datta, Manya Singh, and Soundarya Sharma have already completed this procedure and they even end up apologizing to the housemates they had nominated. In context to the same, Bigg Boss disapproved of this and punished them for their image-conscious and safe playing style.

Now, the three of them are given orders to do all the household chores until further notice. The rest of the nominations will continue on Day 2 of the game.


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