Director Sajid Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss has raised many eyebrows

Bigg Boss 16 season has kicked off, one of the most controversial, yet immense popular reality show is back. Salman Khan is back as the host after their was speculation of him leaving the show. Contestants from all walks have entered the house, but one of the most surprising one of them is Bollywood Director Sajid Khan.

Ever since #MeToo accused Sajid Khan’s participation in the reality show Bigg Boss season 16 was announced, several people and celebrities have been furious about the same.

Moreover, netizens are calling his entry into the show problematic because of the various serious sexual harassment allegations against him. They are criticising the show for supporting him, in spite of his shocking history.

“I have woken up triggered and upset. It’s bad enough that men who were called out during #MeToo have suffered ZERO consequences. But for the country’s most popular reality show to rehabilitate one of them and *treat* him like a star? WTF IS WRONG WITH US AS A SOCIETY?” said Janice Sequeira, one of the accused tweeted.

“tanushree dutta, one of the first indian women from the movie industry to name and shame predators has been struggling for work and sajid khan who has been accused of sexually assaulting or harassing at least 9 women gets to be on one of the most watched tv shows in the country.” a user tweeted on the social media platform.



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