Bigg Boss 16: Who is MC Stan Aka Altaf Tadav second contestant of this season

The name MC Stan aka Altaf Tadav has been floating around as the second Bigg Boss 16 contestant. MC Sher was featured as the show’s second contestant in a promo released by the channel that has since been removed from its social media handles. A glimpse of the rapper MC Stan aka Altaf Tadavi is shown in the promo. While a rap song is playing in the background, MC Stan addresses Big Boss, saying, “What’s up bro?” Bigg Boss responds with, “Bro? “My name is Bigg Boss.” MC Stan responds by saying that because Bigg Boss is also playing along with the contestants, he could be referred to as Bro. Bigg Boss informs him that despite his participation, he will continue to be Bigg Boss.

MC Stan has it all, from rap battles to a squabble with his ex, to being a BB16 contestant. Here’s a look at the young rapper’s rise from rags to riches.


MC Stan rose to prominence thanks to his song Wata, which has over 9 million views on YouTube, and his dissing rap battle with Emiway Bantai.

His YouTube channel has more than 200k subscribers, and his song samajh meri baat ko has gone viral. It was a dig at DIVINE and EMIWAY, two of MC Stan’s contemporaries.

In March 2022, the rapper was accused of assault by his rapper ex-girlfriend, who claimed that MC Stan sent his manager to thrash her. She also claimed that the singer made her address public on social media and that she has received rape threats since then.

MC Stan’s Khuja Mat has over 2 billion YouTube views and has proven to be a game changer in his rap music career.

The singer-rapper attributes his image makeover to the song Aastaghfirullah, which allowed his fans to see his other side. He stated that there was no profanity or cuss words because the song is about spirituality.

MC Stan once admitted that his life had changed 360 degrees from sleeping in a rickshaw to driving around in luxury cars.

The singer previously stated that his mother is his greatest inspiration. And, because she dislikes his tattoos, he seeks forgiveness from her through his songs.

MC Stan has frequently stated that Hindi is his genre and that he wishes to take the mother tongue to a global audience.


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