Bigg Boss 16 House Tagline – “Welcome to the CIRCUS” images revealed

Bigg Boss 16 appears to have again come back with a bang. While several rumors were out there that Salman khan will not host this year’s show or that he is getting 1000 crores worth of money for this show. All those rumors were put to an end by the Actor himself. He went on to say that he hardly ever gets 1/4 of that 1000 crores. The show recently got hype after colors released a sneak peek of the video shoot that is happening right now.

However, today we have got something better for your eyes. We have gathered some images of the inside of Bigg Boss Season 16. The tagline that has been put at the entrance of the house is Welcome to the CIRCUS. From the images, it looks like the house is going to have a lot of fun this year.

Here are some of the images that we have gotten our hands on Welcome to the CIRCUS Bigg Boss 16:



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