Bigg Boss 16 Bedroom : Cards Room and Black & White Room

We have gotten our hands on some exclusive pictures from inside of the Bigg Boss house season 16. The images reveal that the bedroom in this season is black and white rooms. The images also reveal that there will be a cards room also in this season

While much new information appears to be out now along with some of the confirmed contestants who will be in this season of Bigg Boss.

We have recently covered the news that this year’s season will be based on the circus. The house entrance gate also had written Welcome To The Circus.

Abdu Rozik has been confirmed as one of the contestants as was revealed in one of the leaked videos.

Abdu Rozik is a Tajik singer who holds the record for being the world’s smallest singer. Abdu Rozik, who is Tajik, rose to prominence for his unique talent of singing Tajik rap songs. His main presence can be found on the YouTube channel Avlod media, which has over 350k subscribers.

Abdu Rozik is currently 18 years old, according to online records, though his exact birth date is unknown. Rozik was born in the village of Gishdarva in Tajikistan’s Panjakent district in 2003 to a gardener’s family.


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