Bigg Boss 15: New video shows Salman Khan in a jovial mood

Predicting the mood of the Bigg Boss 15’s captain would really be a hefty task for one to do. Earlier today a video that surfaced on the internet after Friday’s unrest inside the house, showed Salman Khan really in a bad mood. Salman Khan was seen talking to the Titliyaan singer Afsana Khan in a very stern manner in response to her misconduct. However, a second video which went on air on the twitter handle of Bigg Boss 15 exhibited a totally different mood of Salman Khan, talking to all the members in a jovial manner and cracking inane jokes about a few members of the house. In the video he was seen greeting the members with a question, “ Do you people know(the current participants of the season)that you have set a new record in the 417 years old history of Bigg Boss?” to which Afsana Khan was seen to give some light hearted replies such as “Breaking a Glass?”

Later on, Salman asks Meisha and Tejaswwi about how do they feel about their relationship and what can they infer from the reaction of the audience, to which Tejaswwi casually says that the broadcasters probably do not show their chemistry that much on the national television. However, the caption of the video that reads, “ the attitude of the participants in the jungle of BB15 is not something very common, but no one can beat @BeingSalmanKhan! Who will fall prey next to his trap?”  tells a different story and points towards a premonition that might happen in today’s episode.  For more updates don’t forget to follow Bigg Boss 15 on ColorsTV every night at 9:30pm.