Bigg boss 15: As the contestants struggle to be gharwasis; Jay involves in a bitter duel with the contestants

After a whole round of confusion and astonishment in the illusion room, the Bigg boss contestants were asked to pay an amount of 5 lacs from their prize money to enter the house.

After Afsana Khan nominated Vishal among the contestants, saving herself from elimination, a lot of discussions started transpiring around her choice and why did Shamita and a few others did not choose to save themselves, despite having the opportunity. According to some of the contestants, Shamita’s intention to gain more attention in the public eye, motivated her to do the same. However, while on a conversation with Vishal she revealed that every week somebody would get eliminated and she did not feel any kind of attachment with anyone and chose to allow others to progress further in the game.

The contestants who were desperate to be gharwasis once again and regain their basic amenities started to play the game to earn BB points. However, things promptly turned bitter when the contestants struggled to find sheet and ink to draw their BB points. Some of them even suggested to use ink thinner to increase the volume of ink but a tumultuous situation occurred when Jay reacted severely and started attacking Simba.

An update that released on the twitter handle of Bigg Boss exhibited Jay and Simba engaged in a bitter duel with each other. In an attempt to return to the house, Jay was even found to tear the sheet of Tejaswwi and push Simba against a heavy object. How the contestants would be able to keep on with their performance after so many repetitive clashes and the changing dynamics of the game would only be clear with the progress of the show.