Benedict Cumberbatch cracks a joke while dragging ‘Will Smith slap’ from Oscar to his SNL monologue

‘Will Smith slaps Chris Rock’ has become one of the highlights throughout Oscar 2022. And recently,Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness starring Benedict Cumberbatch digs out this angle again as he lost Oscars to Will Smith. Benedict also sent some hilarious messages to Smith’s Wife Sophie Turner and his Mother. 

Cumberbatch hosted a Saturday Night Live monologue and cracked a joke about the incident at Oscar 2022 in between Will Smith and Chris Rock. He added “I didn’t win the Oscar…I was beat by Will Smith.” Later the actor quickly added “Oh. Not like that. Not physically.” as the audience began to cheer on his statement.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch also cracks a joke on himself that while he received most slings for his SNL skits Which revolved around Doctor Strange and he also flashed some light on other movies as well of which he was a part like The Power of the Dog, to which the producer Lorne Michaels said “nobody saw it”.