Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy In Space is much more than an animated series

Natasha Allegri’s Bee and PuppyCat,ie being anticipated by the fans for the launch of its second season. After a long wait which includes delays, leaks, random information about when and where it will be released, fans might finally be presented with the new season. Critics expresses that Netflix’s Lazy In Space surely transcends into what every long anticipated follow-up to a much loved series needs to be – a story that moves on its own.

The original Bee and PuppyCat web series first commenced on Fredator’s Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel in the year 2013. Lazy In Space presents itself in a similar way to the original series. The story follows the story of Bee who is an early 20s adult, possessing a heart as big as her rent dues. Other adults wouldn’t express life in the same way in the island city that Bee does. No one other than Bee would express their life as “having it together”. However, Bee lives with the insecurity that she is not living her life up to her full potential as she fails to manage holding down a job. In this matter, good friends of her like chef Deckard helps her a lot but to no use.

The story commences in the first episode with Bee losing a plethora of jobs. However, the same episode sees her receiving her latest pink slip. Things take a wide turn when she wishes for another human to take care of and the universe presents to her an adorable, ornery creature to her. 

PuppyCat, a chubby cat-dog hybrid crossovers because of a rift in space into Bee’s life and becomes her pet. Bee struggles to figure out why she is able to understand PuppyCat’s high-pitched computer screeching kind of voice when everyone else fails to understand it. The story soon focuses on this creature. Bee also ends up in a confusing situation as to how she would pay her bills and feed a mutant creature. Bee gets attracted to the possibility of an adventure and money, when PuppyCat presents an idea of earning quick easy cash. She agrees to the proposal.

Although the original is an old series, experts are of the view that the storyline resonates more in the present world. This might be one of the reason, why developers of the show consume so much time in redeveloping this show. However, most of Netflix’s Lazy In Space follows a new storyline with just the first three episodes trying to condense an overall of the original series. 

The episodes of the newly made series are aabour 30-minute long each. The developers have managed to engage the audience into an intriguing storyline. 

Experts are also expressing that though majority of the series feels like a kid show, it lies somewhere amidst certain mature shows. Moments when the show emphasizes on ideas about what makes a villain what they are is what makes this show gain a layer of maturity in its perspective. 

The show focuses on the emotional stability and satisfaction that one should mandatorily make sure they feel when it comes to work. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. It is possible that you will fall in love with all of the other episodes. 

Allyn Rachel voices the character Bee, Kent Osborne voices the character chef Deckard and PuppyCat is voiced by vocaloid OLIVER. 

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