Bangkok comes up with a twist for WWE

The 25-year-old wrestler with the stage name P’Suchart was one of almost 20 individuals slapping, slamming and smacking one another at SETUP Thailand Pro Wrestling.

Yes, a fighter bursts through a flimsy tarpaulin curtain and bounds into the ring wearing a helmet and the unmistakable bright orange jacket of a Bangkok motorbike-taxi rider – it’s Thailand’s take on WWE wrestling.

“We try to put some of the Thai fighting background … together with professional wrestler training, in order to create what we call the real Thai version of wrestling” said a 32 year old.

A crowd of about 250 in Bangkok suggests it could take off.

Like many on the stage on Saturday evening (Jul 30), he trains and performs around his nine-to-five job as an editor.

“But to have a good character is a whole different story, adding his motorbike-taxi wrestling persona was inspired by a character in the Thai film Heart Attack”.

“This is something different for me,”  a fan of pro-wrestling in the United States.

WWE is a global platform, and wrestlers from all over the world come and perform on the American roster. Moreover, martial arts and MMA are immensely famous in the Thai culture, and a version of this in Bangkok will be a treat for all the fans of wrestling.