Baba from Baba Ka Dhaba is now apologizing to Gaurav Vasan youtuber who made him famous

Many of us will remember the whole incident of Baba Ka Dhaba. The eatery of Kanta Prasad, owner of a simple roadside stall in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, became famous overnight. This happened when a YouTuber shared the story of Baba Ke Dhaba on his YouTube channel in October last year.

YouTubers urged as many people as possible to visit this restaurant. Actually, Baba’s dhaba was running with great difficulty amid the lockdown. Needless to say, the very next day, crowds thronged the stalls to have food at the famous ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’. Social media helped Kanta Prasad and his wife. Their dhaba became so popular, that within a few months, Kanta Prasad collected money to start a restaurant in the area in December. He invested Rs 5 lakh for his new restaurant and even hired three staff members.

Things were looking great for Kanta Prasad, but as the buzz about his incident dwindled, so did the crowd at his restaurant. After a wink of success, he had to close his restaurant as the money ran out and is now back at his eatery in Malviya Nagar.

Kanta Prasad said, “The number of people coming to our dhaba daily has come down. And our daily sales have come down from Rs 3,500 before the lockdown to Rs 1,000 now. This is not enough for our family of eight. He also talked about how the lockdown in Delhi forced him to shut down his business and things have not been the same since then.

Earlier, Kanta Prasad had accused YouTuber Gaurav Vasan of not giving him all the money he had received from the charity. Vasan had denied these allegations and claimed that he had handed over the entire amount of Rs 4.2 lakh received in charity to Kanta Prasad. Now Kanta Prasad has also apologized to YouTuber Gaurav Vasan.