Aryan Khan and SRK become emotional in Mumbai’s Arthur Jail; break down before the Jail Authorities

Aryan Khan, the son of popular Bollywood celebrity, Shah Rukh Khan, has been dealing with a great deal of turmoil from the day on which he was arrested, from an expensive cruise party for the consumption and procurement of drugs by the NCB. The father son duo, beginning from the day of the arrest, met each other for the first time, on Thursday afternoon in Mumbai’s Arthur jail.

According to sources Aryan was allowed to meet with his father under the supervision of the Jail authorities through an intercom. Although they couldn’t speak a lot with each other the father son duo broke down in front of the Jail authorities. In the gravity of the situation Aryan apologized to his father while Shah Rukh Khan assured him in reply by saying, “I trust you….I am sorry.” SRK requested the jail authorities to provide him with something to eat but the authorities told him that they couldn’t do anything without the order of the court.

The continuous disapproval by the Bombay High court to grant bail to Aryan has really left the entire family in an anguished situation. Subsequently, NCB also conducted a probe into SRK’s Mannat for gaining some more evidence related to the issue of Aryan’s arrest, hours after SRK visited Aryan in Arthur Jail.